Checklist for Moving House

Leyland Skip Hire - Checklist for moving house

Moving to a new house is one of life’s most stressful events. There’s so much to do and not always enough time to do it all, however, Leyland Skip Hire may just have the solution for you when it comes to disposing of waste or unwanted materials, why not consider Skip Hire Leyland or Skip Hire Bolton?

Preparing to move house will instantly alleviate the anxiety that comes with it, allowing you to move with confidence. Here’s how to make your property move as smooth as possible:

Plan in plenty of time

Moving property can often take longer than you perhaps anticipated, however, sorting and packing your belongings will enable you to see what’s what and discover materials that you have completely forgotten about.

By dedicating the time to your property move, you will have the opportunity to separate valuable items from junk and ensure that you take only the most essential possessions with you to your new home.

You’ll also have the time to:

  • Get hold of boxes for removal
  • Book a removal van
  • Hire a skip (this is where our Skip Hire Leyland services come in handy!)

Declutter your property

Start as you mean to go on… remove any belongings that you no longer need or don’t want to clutter up your new property. You may also consider investing in Skip Hire Bolton!

One way to remove clutter from your domestic property is to treat it like a spring clean (but obviously on a larger scale!) Separate your belongings into a pile of “KEEP”, “CHARITY/ SELL” and “SKIP”, this will allow you to work systematically and get the most out of your Skip Hire Bolton.

Label your items

Storing your products inside boxes will allow you to maintain a sense of organisation. Labelling storage boxes will enable you to dispose of the right materials within the domestic skips that we provide for Skip Hire Chorley and will also simplify the process of unpacking.

The labels will make it easier for you to keep your possessions organised and easy to locate, making sure that your property move is efficient.

Choose a skip hire company

Any reputable skip hire company will be able to deliver Skip Hire Chorley services that are transparent, like us at Leyland Skip Hire!

We provide a complete range of waste disposal services that are suitable for all customers based in the North West of England, hence why we offer Skip Hire Chorley and Skip Hire Wigan.  Our Skip Hire Wigan services are considered to provide you with a suitable alternative to driving waste back and forth to the landfill site, saving you valuable time and effort.

Check affordability

When it comes to moving house, we can bet that you’re on a budget, right? Choosing Skip Hire Wigan will allow you to dispose of waste without breaking the bank, not only providing you with great value for money but providing you with the peace of mind that you need (which is a rarity for stressful events like property moves).

Select a skip

The skips that we provide for Skip Hire Preston are available in a wide range of sizes, starting from as small as the 2-cubic yard mini skips and all the way up to the 16-cubic yard open skips. The type of skip is dependent on the volume of waste that you expect your project to generate, we can offer domestic and commercial Skip Hire Preston to match your exact project requirements, making sure that you have sufficient space to store items safely.

Aiming to provide skips for everyone, we think nothing less than providing Skip Hire Preston for customers who are preparing to move house. Our skips are perfect for throwing out any junk that you had hidden in the attic or in the garden shed, allowing you to dispose of unwanted materials quickly and responsibly.

Moving house is not always as complicated as it may seem- choose Skip Hire Leyland to get rid of the waste that your clearance throws up. Call us on 01772957509 to find out more today!

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