The Essential Guide to Hiring a Skip

Leyland Skip Hire can help you to find out all that you need to know about hiring a skip. Offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we make sure that you find skip hire Leyland that matches your unique budget requirements and suits the type of work that you’re undertaking.

We have put together this handy guide to help you to maximise the use of your skip and to understand more about skip hire permits!

Which Skip do I need?

Here at Leyland Skip Hire, we specialise in skip hire Bolton– not just skip hire Leyland! We have a complete range of skips available for you to choose from, including the smaller domestic skips and larger commercial skips.

The domestic skips are surprisingly spacious and specifically designed to suit home and garden renovation projects. Starting from 2-cubic yards and ranging all the way up to 16-cubic yards, you’re bound to find a suitable solution for disposing of unwanted materials!

The 8-yard maxi skips are perfect for garden projects; they are designed to have a drop door that makes it easier for you to load with large items like trees, as well as smaller sediments like soil. The drop door guarantees minimal mess and allows you to dispose of waste effectively.

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Do I need a Skip Hire Permit?

A skip hire permit is required for skips that are left on the road or public pavement overnight. The permit or license is a legal requirement in areas where the public has the right of way- even if you plan on placing your skip outside your property.

Failure to obtain or arrange the permit for your skip hire Chorley can have devastating consequences, so much so that you’ll be handed a pricey fine or worse case scenario, your skip could be taken away!

Skips that are left on your private property don’t require a permit, so if you have the space to leave your skip on the driveway, we recommend that you do!

How long is the Permit valid for?

Whether you’re hiring a skip for a day or a matter of days/weeks, each council can provide permits that are tailored towards your specific needs.

Obtaining a permit for your skip hire Chorley will allow you to dispose of waste in line with the law but several factors can affect the hire period. Depending on how big or small your project is, Leyland Skip Hire can deliver a skip to meet tight deadlines, however, you need to make sure that your skip hire permit covers the duration of your project too.

The validity of permits is dependent on your project needs and the council- the local authority have varying regulations when it comes to licenses, hence why we suggest discussing your needs with them beforehand.

How do I obtain a Permit for my Skip Hire?

Needless to say, different councils have different preferences. Some councils insist on homeowners acquiring their own documentation, where others allow us to obtain the licenses on your behalf.

At Leyland Skip Hire, we can obtain the permits for skip hire Preston for you, saving you the time and effort, without compromising the legality of your skip hire. To make sure that you don’t need to acquire the license yourself, we suggest checking with your local authority- just to be on the safe side!

How much does the Permit cost?

As you will have found with skip hire Preston, the cost of the permit differs in every area. Typically, the cost of a skip hire permit in cities will be more expensive than it is in rural areas.

The cost of the permit is dependent on the length of your hire; the longer you hire a skip, the more the permit will cost!

On average, the skip permit costs £30 but is subject to location and project. When we obtain the permit on your behalf, we include a markup on the cost of the permit to cover administration fees.

How long does it take for the Permit to arrive?

With skip hire Wigan, it’s better to plan ahead in advance! It generally takes between 3-4 days for a license to be issued and without one, you cannot start disposing of waste.

Depending on where your skip is placed, some permits take longer to acquire. Parking zones, residential parking bays and metered parking bays are all restricted areas that skips can be placed. If you plan on leaving your skip in a restricted area, like the aforementioned, you need to inform the local council in plenty of time, preferably 10 days before your project is due to start!

To get the most out of your skip hire Wigan, we suggest that you don’t leave it too late and acquire your skip hire permits for the duration of your project.

What happens when my Skip is full?

As soon as your skip is level loaded, you need to get in touch with us at Leyland Skip Hire! If your skip is full and you haven’t completed your project, don’t be tempted to squeeze more in!

Our skips for skip hire Bolton incorporate a “Max Fill Level” which is used as an indicator for when to stop loading your skip. Exceeding the sides of the container will be potentially dangerous for when we collect your skip and transport it to the recycling centre.

We arrange to collect the skip at a time that’s most convenient for you, ensuring that you’re home when we collect it. If need be, you can then order a new skip to replace the full one to make sure that there are minimal disruptions made to your project.

For more information about our skip hire services at Leyland Skip Hire, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01772957509 today!

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