Need a Clear-Out? A Small Skip Is Ideal For You

Rather than making a trip to the tip, why not consider hiring a skip? Leyland Skip Hire is affordable and extremely convenient. Moving house is the perfect way to throw away what you no longer need, a domestic skip is ideal for low volumes of waste, however, it’s accommodating for all types of household waste including furniture.

If you’re looking for peace of mind, a small skip may be exactly what you need! Here are the reasons why:


Whether you’re looking for Lostock Hall skip hire or skip hire in Leyland and the surrounding areas, we can provide you with the perfect solution that saves you time – allowing you to continue with your project, without any disruptions.

If you’re not sure if you could benefit from a skip, then consider the following:

Will your home project generate too much waste to fit in the wheelie bin? Perhaps you’re expecting to generate more than a car boot full? If so, a skip is exactly what you need to accommodate for your waste. With Leyland Skip Hire, your time can be better spent – allowing you to finish your project efficiently, instead of making runs to the tip.

Greater convenience.

Instead of wasting time taking waste back and forth to the tip, Leyland Skips can provide you with a more convenient alternative. Hiring a skip for the duration of your project can allow you to save money on fuel because you won’t have to make countless trips to the tip when your car boot is full.

Our Chorley skips and Leyland skips are ideal if you need to dispose of waste from your clear out. Not only are they ideal for storing your waste, they can help you to preserve the environment, your waste will be sent to the recycling centre where more than 90% of the contents within your skip, will be recycled.

Choosing the right skip.

Don’t overthink it. If you’re clearing out the old, ready for the new, you could benefit from one of our 2-yard mini skips. These are surprisingly spacious and can store up to 30 bin bags along with 4 wheelie bins and 1 sofa, so you needn’t worry about your unwanted items fitting within the skip!

The 2-yard mini skips have been designed to suit specific applications, whether it be for a home clear-out, renovation, refurbishment or redesign.


Here at Leyland Skip Hire, we provide cheap skip hire Preston. We aim to meet all our customers’ needs and requirements, ensuring your skip suits the size of your domestic clear-out.

Skip hire with Leyland Skip Hire is affordable, we offer a price guarantee, ensuring you receive excellent value for money!

If you require any advice or information about how you could benefit from Lostock Hall skip hire or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our professionals today- Call us on 01204 698 153!


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