Use Skip Hire to Remove Autumn Leaves and Garden Waste

Use Skip Hire to Remove Autumn Leaves and Garden Waste

Autumn is a great time to really get to grips with outdoor spaces. Why not use this opportunity to prepare your garden or yard for the coming winter and the beginning of next year, before low temperatures and bad weather cause damage and make it less pleasant to be outside?

In this article, the team at Leyland Skip Hire – expert providers of skip hire in Leyland as well as the surrounding localities of Lancashire and Greater Manchester – will explain how you can use our especially designed waste containers to make autumn gardening easier for yourself.

Getting Your Garden in Shape

You can arrange skip hire in Wigan, Preston, Bolton or any other nearby area in order to get rid of rubbish and debris from your garden, including weeds and clippings.

With the blooms and foliage of summer shrinking away, you’ll find easier access to areas that were previously difficult-to-reach, making tidying and pruning easier.

Annuals that have completed their full life cycle should now be ready to dig up and remove in order to be replaced in the spring. Many weeds, too, will be smaller, weaker and easier to pull.

Neatening Your Lawn

Autumn is also a great time to rake up and dispose of any moss that is clogging up your lawn, and to neaten up edges.

This will prevent a great deal of battling as greenery begins to flourish in springtime next year.

Removing Debris

The later seasons of the year are notorious for the building up of dead leaves. This natural waste can block drains and create a treacherously slippery surface underfoot if left unattended to.

As well as raking or sweeping them out of your garden, it’s important to fish dead leaves out of ponds and water features in order to prevent the water from turning stagnant.

Clearing Outbuildings

If you have a shed or greenhouse of any kind, we recommend storing equipment carefully and clearing away any rubbish – like old pots and compost bags that may be lying around inside.

As the weather gets colder, wildlife and garden pests may be looking for a place to shelter, and nooks and crannies inside a cluttered shed can be very attractive to them.

Using Skip Hire Near Chorley

To help you undertake all of the tasks described above without ending up with piles and piles of garden waste to get rid of, we recommend hiring a skip. Skip hire in Preston, Bolton or any of the surrounding areas is a great way to get rid of all your rubbish in one go.

We’ll accept almost any kind of garden waste, so all you need to do is call us on 01772 957 509 or fill in our handy online form and we’ll be able to get the perfect waste container out to you.

Our team provides skip hire in Leyland, Bolton, Preston, Chorley, Wigan and many other areas besides.

You could even use the opportunity to have a good home clearout as well, making your indoor spaces neat and tidy before you decide to put up the seasonal decorations.

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