What factors influence the cost of skip hire in Leyland?

What factors influence the cost of skip hire in Leyland_

So you’re looking to remove junk from your home in Leyland? Let the team, here at Leyland Skips, help you to dispose of materials, quickly, easily and safely.

Hiring a skip saves you the hassle of making tedious trips to and from the local tip – and saves a great deal of time and effort. Skip hire is seen to be a cost-efficient method of waste disposal but do you know what factors contribute to the cost of your skip hire in Leyland?


Skip hire is generally cheaper in the northwest of England than it is in other areas like London and Glasgow. Likewise, the cost of skip hire in Leyland differs from the cost of skip hire in Preston, Wigan, Chorley or Bolton.

The best way to find out how much skip hire costs is to call us on 01772 957 509 or to request a quick quote.

Skip size

Leyland Skips provide skips for all projects, no matter how big or small. To ensure you find one with sufficient space to accommodate the waste your project generates, we supply:

  • 2-yard mini skips
  • 4-yard midi skips
  • 6-yard midi skips
  • 8-yard maxi skips

Needless to say, the smaller domestic skips cost less than the larger ones we provide for skip hire in Leyland, but they aren’t suitable for all projects.

To determine which skip size suits your needs best, think about the size of your project and the type of waste you need to throw out. The Leyland Skips team are always on hand to help, so if you can’t decide which one to go for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Project duration

Knowing how long you need the skip for will make it easier for us to schedule delivery and collection. We make sure that your skip is delivered in plenty of time for your project to start and aim to collect it as soon as you’re finished with it.

We usually hire our skips out for 1 day, but if you need the skip for longer, be sure to discuss your project requirements with us in further detail.

Skip permits

If you’re leaving your skip on your private property, you needn’t worry about obtaining a permit.

When skips are left on the road overnight, a permit is needed to legalise your skip hire in Leyland. To make it easier for you, we obtain the permit from the local council on your behalf, so you can rest assured all the paperwork for your project is taken care of.

The cost of the permit is included in the overall cost of your skip hire, allowing you to benefit from cost-efficient disposal.

For more information about the cost of skip hire in Leyland, get in touch with us, otherwise, book your skip here today.

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