How to maximise the use of your domestic skip

How to maximise the use of your domestic skip

Decided it’s time for a clear out? Decluttering your home can have various psychological benefits, but you’re bound to be left with a lot of rubbish to dispose of. Rest assured, Leyland Skips cover many locations in the northwest, including Preston, and guarantee a hassle-free disposal solution for all customers.

Knowing how to maximise the use of your domestic skip is a handy skill to learn and will enable you to get more out of skip hire in Preston.

4 of the best ways to use your skip:

  1. Order the right skip size

Here at Leyland Skips, we supply an extensive range of domestic skips, including:

  • 2-cubic yard mini skips
  • 4-cubic yard midi skips
  • 8-cubic yard maxi skips
  • 12-cubic yard open skips
  • 16-cubic yard open skips

If you’re new to skip hire and unsure which skip suits your disposal needs best, we can assist. If you already know which size you need, call us on 01772 957 509 and we’ll arrange a convenient date and time to deliver it.

  1. Carefully load the skip

Our domestic skips are great for:

  • bricks
  • cardboard
  • food waste
  • furniture
  • household waste
  • metal
  • plastic
  • rubble
  • wood

Although it’s easily done, don’t be tempted to throw everything in the skip. If you’re in two minds whether something can go in your skip, feel free to ask for advice and we’ll help you to avoid hefty fines for not complying with stringent skip hire regulations.

  1. Start with light items at the bottom

Filling your skip with heavier items first is a wasteful approach, however, starting with larger, lighter materials at the bottom will allow you to fit more in a domestic skip. These light items will be compressed with the heavier ones – filling all pockets of space.

  1. Break materials up

If you’re throwing out bulky items, like wardrobes and other fittings and fixtures, consider dismantling them to instantly save disposal space. Breaking them into smaller parts and flattening them down will enable you to fit more in, maximising your skip hire Preston investment.

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For more information about skip hire in your local area, get in touch with us by completing the online enquiry form. You can also call us on 01772 957 509 and discuss your project in further detail with our team of experts.

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