Reasons Not To Overload Your Skip

An overloaded skip does nobody any favours. You need to take into consideration that the skip will need to be collected once it’s full and overfilling it will leave you with a dilemma!

No matter whether you’re looking for skip hire Chorley or Leyland, you needn’t look any further than Leyland Skip Hire! Our skips are suitable for an array of needs and wants, providing you with an efficient method for disposing of your waste. As well as this, the Leyland skips are perfect if you’re looking to enhance the safety of yourself, your workforce and our fleet drivers- don’t hesitate to find out more here today.

Excess volumes of waste.

If your project generates more waste than you initially expected, you may think that the best way to dispose of it is to pile it all on top of your skip… wrong! Here at Leyland Skip Hire, we suggest that you choose a suitable skip to avoid overfilling it.

It’s always better to overestimate rather than underestimate how much waste your project will generate- this will prevent you from overloading the skip.

Exceeding the wall height.

You want to avoid exceeding the fill level indicated on the Leyland skips; if you exceed this line you will compromise safety instantly, leading to a greater risk of injury. The skip fill level is a guideline for making sure that your skip is safe to collect by our reliable fleet drivers.

If the contents inside your skip exceeds this level, you could be handed a fine for not adhering to rules and regulations.

Paying fines.

Understandably, it can be difficult to choose a suitable skip size, especially when you’re not entirely sure how much waste your project will generate!

If you underestimate the volume of waste that your project generates, the most practical solution would be to hire a new skip and start filling this one. If you choose to pile all materials on top of your skip, you can expect to receive a fine for unsafe waste disposal! Our fleets are fully equipped with the latest technology; however, this isn’t to say that they can carry overloaded skips!

Sliding materials.

Any waste that is thrown onto an already full skip can easily slide off the top and cause injury to those within a locality. Any sharp objects should also be kept out of the skip if you want your skip hire in Leyland to be safe!

Upsetting neighbours.

Try to keep your neighbours sweet! Storing a skip on the road doesn’t only affect you but those around you too. Needless to say, a skip can often be a sight for sore eyes and it’s not what you or your neighbours expect to see when you look outside the front window!

When it comes to finding hassle-free skips hire in Leyland, you needn’t look any further than Leyland Skips! With our help, you’ll have the opportunity to dispose of your waste quickly and easily, making it more convenient for everyone.

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