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Here at Leyland Skip Hire, we provide free advice so if you’re unsure about what size skip your project might require, we can help!

We have a complete range of Farington skips, including mini skips all the way up to industrial skips and enclosed compactor bins. If you need a service that you can rely on, we offer rapid delivery enabling you to make a start on your home renovation projects or your commercial waste disposal, right away.

For garden material, why not hire one of our domestic skips? The mini or the midi skip is ideal because it has a drop door – making light work of rubble and soil. Another great benefit of using our domestic skip hire services is, you’ll reduce the risk of damage to your car and fuel consumed, by having to continuously travel to and from the tip with your waste.

So, for Farington skip hire, look no further than Leyland Skips!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a skip?

The price of Farington skip hire mainly depends on the size of the container you need. All of our prices cover a hire period of up to three weeks.

A 2 yard domestic skip costs £130 to hire. A 4 yard skip costs £185 and an 8 yard skip £245. We also offer industrial or commercial models with the same sizes and prices, as well as models with a far greater volume for large-scale projects.

For details of our bigger containers, feel free to call our team today on 01772 957 509 or use our handy online contact form.

There may be other minor costs when it comes to hiring your skip. You may be charged a little more if you need additional equipment or assistance. For example, if your skip is to be placed on a public road, you’ll need permission from the local council.

As a part of our skip hire services in Farington, our team will apply for a permit on your behalf – but you will need to cover the cost. The exact amount depends on the location of your skip and the length of hire.

You may also be charged extra if you damage any of our equipment or if we are not able to collect your skip on time due to a lack of access.

We will always try to provide you with the most affordable option for your needs. Remember, the larger the skip you use each time, the fewer collections you’ll need and the more money you’ll save.

How do I know when my skip is too full?

Overfilled skips are liable to damage removal vehicles due to their weight and therefore cannot be disposed of until the excess waste is removed.

Your skip is too full if its contents rise above the “fill line”, which you’ll see marked inside.

It’s even more dangerous to pile up refuse so that it exceeds the height of the container’s walls – as not only does this mean you’ve likely overfilled it and made it too heavy to remove, it also poses the risk of pieces of debris falling out as it is transported.

If you have too much waste for your container, you may have to remove it from the skip and dispose of it yourself – meaning effort, time and money wasted. Otherwise, you might face a fine. To avoid this, be sure that you’ve hired the right size of skip and be careful when loading it.

If you’re arranging skip hire in Farington, our team recommends that you plan the order in which you will be disposing of items and place them in the container evenly so that your skip is easy and safe to remove.

It will make a great deal of difference to your expenses and the amount of stress involved in your waste removal.

If you have any concerns about the amount your skip will hold, feel free to call our team today to discuss your requirements. We’ll give you some valuable tips to make sure you can dispose of your refuse as effectively and easily as possible.

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Get Your Free Quote Today and Get Your Skip when it suits you.

We offer different sized skips, to suit your needs as well as free delivery and pick up services on all skip hire orders.

Do You Need To Hire A Skip?

Get Your Free Quote Today and Get Your Skip when it suits you.

We offer different sized skips, to suit your needs as well as free delivery and pick up services on all skip hire orders.