Where can I put my skip?

Where can I put my skip?

Skip hire Preston comes in useful for a range of projects – be it complete renovations, DIY work or construction projects – and here at Leyland Skips, we supply an extensive range of skips to accommodate all project scales.

Often, deciding where to leave a domestic skip is the hardest part. For some, the driveway is the most convenient place to keep a skip, allowing you to dispose of rubbish as soon as it’s generated, where for others, skips are better left on the road.

Here we look at the differences between placing a domestic skip on private and public property.

On your driveway

When it comes to skip hire in Preston, Leyland Skips think nothing less than delivering skips to a location of your choice – usually your driveway where the skip is easily accessible.

The last thing you want to do when you hire a domestic skip is to block access to driveways or site entrances – this will only cause upset amongst your neighbours.

Leaving your skip on your private property prevents access restrictions and also makes it easier for you to remove clutter straight away, so if you have space, we recommend placing your domestic skip on your drive.

If your skip is positioned on your drive, you make it difficult for fly-tippers to illegally dump their waste and needn’t worry about obtaining permits for skip hire Preston.

On the road

Not everyone has the space for a skip on their driveway and this is something that the Chorley Skips team is fully aware of. Whether you need to keep your drive clear for garage access or your drive isn’t big enough for a skip, we can place your skip on the road in front of your home – making it just as easy for you to dispose of rubbish.

If your skip is to be left on the road overnight, you will need a permit to legalise your skip hire Preston, but rest assured, we can take care of this on your behalf by visiting the local council and arranging the permit for the duration of your project. Let us save you the extra hassle of completing paperwork.

When skips are placed on the road, safety cones, lighting and reflective markings may be required to ensure safety.

The cost of a permit is approximately £35 and this is included in the mark-up price of our disposal services, guaranteeing a cost-efficient solution.

For more information about where to put your skip, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Leyland Skips today. We are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to guide and advise you, so call us on 01772 957 509.

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